Why Are so Many People Afraid of Death?

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Why are so many people scared of death? The fact that most of us, unless working in the funeral or death industry are exposed to death. Death has been hidden for a very long time in the western culture anyway. This topic is taboo as a result. If people are not around a particular thing normally, that will create fear. Fear of the unknown. That is the reason.

Death is a mystery. It is something that is unknown to most. Even though everyone knows that they will pass away at some point in life, people still fear dying and anything related. The fear of anything to do with death is called necrophobia, and it is noted from various sources to rank #2 in the top 10 phobias that people are known to have.
Again, this is due to the fact that it is a hidden topic.

People frequently wonder what happens during the moment death happens. Is there pain? Is there a feeling of suffocation? Or does it feel like you do when you fall asleep? Many people who have had near death experiences talk about it being very peaceful as well as seeing the bright light. Many people also fear what happens to their souls after leaving their bodies. Especially if they have made many mistakes in life.

Also, the idea of their physical lifeless bodies decaying or burning is a scary thought. No wonder necrophobia is so common.

I can bet that the fear is not as strong in some parts of the Eastern culture where bodies are generally more exposed. I am also sure many were not so afraid during the Middle Ages when there was a lot more exposure to the dead.

I understand some people may have specific phobias of certain things that are seen everyday. An example of that would be flowers. That kind of phobia would be caused by a traumatic event having to do with flowers. Necrophobia is not due to the same thing, unless someone saw a decomposing body somewhere.

However, I do think that very slowly people are becoming a little more accepting of death and the biggest reason for that is due to the internet providing so much information about everything imaginable. When people are afraid of something, they will do everything to avoid it like the plague physically. However, a part of them will be curious about it. Several funeral directors have popular blogs about the topic, and get heavy traffic due to this. And it also is quite natural to be very curious about something that is mysterious and unknown.

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