The Importance of Using Memes and Pic Quotes in Social Media

As you are already aware, strong and compelling content that you share in your social media networks is what will drive up the engagement, help grow your tribe and increase your presence. It is recommended to share a mix between helpful tips, blog posts, compelling images, videos and links. However what people really love are memes and pic quotes. That increases the engagement, and here is an example of a meme that many people get a kick out of.

Conscious Death Celebrations

The truth is many people love pic quotes and memes and are usually eager to engage with them because many times they can relate to them. They certainly become conversation pieces. Memes and pic quotes are a necessity part of any social media strategy regardless of niche. They are incredibly popular in the funeral or death niche because they pique anyone’s curiosity, and that alone is enough to increase engagement.

In fact a lot of people welcome being tagged by others in their networks if pic quotes or memes are involved. They are happy to have something inspiring or something they relate to sent to their walls. Then what happens is, others in their networks see the pic quotes that you had shared and end up becoming new members of your growing tribe!

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