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It is never easy to talk about making funeral arrangements and the topic itself is one that most of us would just as soon forget about all together. However, considering the fact that our passing is inevitable and that prices of funerals are on the rise, it is a topic that must be addressed. There are five things that you must keep in mind and they are:

1. Costs. Burials and Cremations are costly as it is. We are talking tens of thousands for a burial, and cremation can be slightly cheaper. Both traditional burials and cremations can cost more if the family requests things such as an elaborate coffin or urn, pall bearers and a catering service following the service.

2. Consider a funeral plan as an option for a low cost funeral. Even though talking about a funeral is never a pleasant experience, it is best to have a plan in place concerning your passing. Funeral plans are offered by many organisations but many people opt to buy a plan directly from a funeral director. A funeral plan allows you to pay for all of the essential funeral arrangements ahead of time in monthly installments or in one lump sum so that your family will not be burdened when you pass. A funeral plan can guarantee you a low cost funeral due to the fact that regardless of pricing changes in the future, you will still be fully covered when it comes to the plan you have chosen.

3. Consider all of your options. When assessing the cost of funerals, one must consider the options and unfortunately it is advisable to ‘shop around’. It is important when looking for a low cost funeral service to take into consideration what exactly is included in a particular funeral service before committing. It is often best to take a close friend along to assist the bereaved family when discussing options at a funeral home. Coffins alone can vary greatly in price and often times family members feel guilty and fall victim to the ‘sales pitch’ made by funeral personnel that their loved one will be ‘better off’ in an elaborate coffin.

4. Talk to your life insurance agent. Most insurance companies have plans in place that will cover the costs of a traditional burial or of a cremation in the unfortunate case of your passing. The arrangements will be made ahead of time, which will protect your family from being faced with sky-high bills.

5. Do not commit to any arrangements until you have studied all of your options. Many people tend to go with the first low cost funeral plan they run across simply because they are uncomfortable discussing their own death or that of a loved one. It is highly recommended that you visit several funeral homes and discuss your needs. Ask for brochures with prices and simply state that you will be in touch. Remember that funeral directors are in business and like with any business, you have a right to ask for prices.

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